Top Ten Tuesday: Romance/NA Authors I haven’t read from!


It’s Tuesday and a Top Ten Five list is at hand! I will not be following the prompt designated by JANA of That Artsy Reader Girl for this week because I haven’t really given much thought about the libraries and bookstores I want to go to. (The prompt this week is: Top Ten Bookstores and Libraries I’d Love To Visit. You should do it!)

What I have, however, is a top five list of Romance/New Adult authors I have been hearing so many good things about, but I haven’t read from! Typical, classic Kat, not reading what’s supposed to be read! 😉 Continue reading


October TBR: Where I binge read thrillers!

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 11.01.06 AM

My reading list for the month of October is majorly going to be coming from the MYSTERY/PSYCHOLOGICAL-THRILLER genre and I am just so so excited about it! Since I don’t read from the horror genre AT ALL, I went on and decided to make a list of some will-get-ya-at-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery thrillers recommended by some of my favourite bloggers and reviewers, that I can hopefully binge read this month! Continue reading

September Wrap Up!


September was such a great reading month for me, both number-of-books-wise and reading-events-wise. Despite the heavy workload in the firm, I was able to squeeze in some reading time so yay! I read five books, which I know may be too few to some, but it’s actually a huge feat for me! Lately, my rate has gotten down to 2-3books/month because of work (and Netflix!), so yes,  I’m celebrating my five for September! 🙂

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Some random 7-day read-a-thon!

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So I randomly  thought of doing a read-a-thon for the next seven days (August 21-27) because of the following reasons:
  1. August 21st and August 27th are Philippine holidays and I know I won’t be doing anything during those days but read; 
  2. My work load looks a little light so might as well take advantage of it; and 
  3. The ultimate reason, of course: I need to catch up on my reading goal for this year! (God! I am 14 books behind schedule!)

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The Romance Reader Book Tag!

The Romance Reader Tag

I was tagged by my good friend Beatrice to do this tag  and I cannot be more thankful because I loooove doing tags, and I looooove the romance genre! ❤ So here are the questions and my quick answers to each of them:  Continue reading